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One of the (many) reasons your not losing weight. Don't drink sugary drinks!

Why shouldn't I drink sugary drinks?

Well the answer to this is for my quite simple and I'll try to explain it to you in the most simplistic way there is, later on I will go deeper in the sugar part.

From all the food sources we can eat, sugar, pure and raw sugar. (like white, brown sugar, honey and a few more) are the food sources we crave the most and what our brain and body desires when we are hungry. The problem with this is, that our body is quite easily contain with a low amount of sugar to stop the hunger feeling. 

Besides this, sugar is also very addictive. It is a little bit like salt, or in the worst-case alcohol. The more you drink or in this case eat of it, the more you will need the next time to get that rush (or in case of the alcohol, the more you need to get drunk).

So, alright, we love the sugar and sometimes our brain and body need the sugar (although that really isn't true) so why is it bad then?

Well the problem with sugar is, that when we don't use it for our body (like when you are training, walking, swimming or just doing any kind of physical activity) it is very easy stored as fat tissue. It is even so, that sugar gets faster turned into body fat, then fat from food does! 

So imagine this, you are sitting behind your computer, or you are just chilling in bed and you pop open a can of soda. You drink that lovely fine sweet sugary drink quite fast, because you are thirsty. And in that time, all the calories in that drink are in your body. And since you aren't doing anything what is seen by the body as activity, the body says ' well let's store this sugar as fat, just in case we need it in the future'. And that is why you can get fat from sugary drinks.

So how much calories are in sugary drinks then?

As you just have learned, when you are drinking sugary drink, you are just drinking calories. Sugary calories. So, nothing that our body really needs. 

But is it really so bad then to drink this?

Well in the worst case possible you can get diabetes. But I'm talking here about weight and in that aspect, yeah it's kinda really bad.

Let me give you an example, alright? 

A full-grown woman in hear peak age (between 21 and 28) may consume 2000 calories a day (off course this is roughly and depends of here body type). This is without any training next to it. When this woman eats hear 2000 calories a day, see will not gain nor lose any weight.

Alright, but 2000 calories, that's a lot, right?

Well, honestly? No it isn't. I'm aware that is sounds like a lot. And if you are a vegan then it can be a lot. But when you're like the most of us, then it is really not that much, I will come back with more food and calorie posts in the future, but first let's focus us on the sugary drinks. 

So, let me use in the example our good friend coca cola as the sugary drink:


  • 100 ml normal coca cola contains 42 calories. (not much right? But who drinks only 100 ml?)
  • 1 can of coca cola is 330 ml, which contains 138.6 calories
  • And a bottle of coke contains 1.5 liter which contains 630 calories.


So, that means, that if you drink in a day a bottle of coke, you will drink 630 calories, which only contain out of sugar, what means that most of those calories will go directly in your fat tissue. Now off course most of us don't drink a bottle of coke a day, but even if you drink a can of coke you will get 138 calories.

You don't need to forget that this is only a beverage, a drink so you will. You also will need to eat a couple of time a day. And food always contain calories. So those 2000 calories are easily filled up. And you will go easy over them if you only drink sugary drinks the whole day.

So if you want to keep you weight in line, stop drinking sugary drinks and replace them with the zero or light variant. I will promise you, that at first you need to get used to it, but after a while that sugary drink will taste disgusting. 


Here below is a list of well know drinks and how much calories they contain per 100 ml.

Kind of drink:                                            Calories   per 100 ml:   

  • Regular coca cola                                         42 calories    
  • Zero coca cola                                               1 calories     
  • Ice Tea                                                            27 calories     
  • Kool-aid                                                         26 calories     
  • ACE drink                                                      44 calories     
  • Gatorade                                                        23 calories    
  • 7-up                                                                44 calories    
  • Fanta                                                              39 calories     
  • Ginger Ale                                                     35 calories   
  • Lemonade                                                     42 calories     
  • Sprite                                                             37 calories     
  • Apple juice                                                    46 calories   
  • Orange juice                                                 46 calories  
  • Red bull                                                         45 calories    
  • Monster energy                                           42 calories     


Well people, I hope you have enjoyed this post! In the future I will be posting more articles about these kinds of topics. If you have a question, or a request let me know in the comments and I will see if I can write something about that!

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